jQuery Mobile RTL for Right-To-Left layout

To make jQuery Mobile work on right-to-left layouts like Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew websites you have to change some stuff in CSS and update a few lines in JS code to make sliders/flip switches work properly and change some hard-coded values. I made these changes and uploaded them here for anyone to use.

Bugs / Contact

If you found a bug or an unexpected behavior please try using the non-minified JS and CSS files first, if it is not fixed please try using the original official jQuery Mobile JS file, if it is not fixed it means it is a bug in the official release not in the RTL version, otherwise please contact me (Facebook (recommended) I check the 'Other' folder ;) OR email moutaz at intlaqa dot com).


jQM 1.4.0 RTL sample page screenshot

jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 RTL

Legacy Versions

jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 RTL

jQuery Mobile 1.2.1 RTL

jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 RTL

jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RTL

jQuery Mobile 1.1.0-rc.1 RTL

jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 RTL